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A Sim card is a chip that is inserted into a GSM phone. It contains data that identifies and authenticates subscribers and their mobile devices. This information is needed to configure a mobile device on your carrier’s network.

a. Configuring a basic sim card manually can take a while. Depending on the method you choose you may have to contact customer support or visit the Dealer Portal website.

b. A Smart Sim Card has special technologies that automatically configures a device. It eliminates the time and hassle of manually configuring a device.
Configuration allows you to use the data features of your devices. This includes surfing the web, downloading apps and other functions. Failure to configure your phone/device will limit the use and capabilities of your device. Some of the benefits of configuring your device include browsing the web, utilizing all functions of your downloaded apps, and much more.

Say bye-bye to manual configuration and hello to the Smart Sim- an innovative SIM card that automatically configures data.

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