If you're looking to Recharge your h2o account you've come to the right place.
Choose whether you’d like to Recharge with a credit card, a PIN number or sign up for Auto Recharge. Let’s Get Started!
How Would You Like To Recharge?
*Limited time offer. Enroll in the Auto Recharge program and receive fifteen percent (15%) off each of your first three (3) automatic payments. You must be continually enrolled in the Auto Recharge program for three (3) recharges to receive the promotion. After the first three (3) automatic payments, you will receive ten percent (10%) off per recharge. Full terms and conditions apply.
We accept all major credit cards that are registered to a USA address.

Find Other Ways To Recharge

Recharge By Phone

Need assistance adding airtime?
Call 1 (800) 643-4926 and speak to a Customer Care Representative to quickly recharge!

Recharge By SMS

Want to recharge via text?
Dial " *111*, Enter PIN Number, # SEND"