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    Refer a Friend with H2O Wireless

    Spread the Word
    Good friends share good news. Tell your friends and family through Social Media, Email, or by Sharing a Link about how H2O Wireless saves you money every month! Refer up to 10 people thismonth and earn up to $300!
    Get Them On Board
    Help your friends and family join the H2O Wireless Family! Make sure they click the referral link. The link will take your friend/family to a webpage and provide a promo code. They simply need to choose and H2O Monthly Unlimited Plan and input the promo code at checkout!
    Time to Get Rewarded
    Once your friend/family activates with H2O Wireless using the SIM provided:
    ✔ $30 worth of H2O Rewards Points (3000 points)

    ✔ Free SIM
    ✔ Free Shipping
    ✔ $30 worth of H2O Rewards Points towards 1st Recharge (3000 points)
    Refer a Friend is a program for our H2O Wireless customers where they can refer and bring their families and friends to H2O Wireless. In addition to bringing their friends to a network with superior coverage, signal, innovation, and speed, customers can also earn $30 dollars’ worth of credit for H2O purchases/recharges, while the friend/family member receives $30 and Free SIM & Shipping.

    When the referee activates (Gets a new number) on a monthly plan, H2O credit immediately goes into both (Referee & Referrer) Rewards account. In turn, customers who port in will receive their H2O credit in 1-5 business days.

    No. You need your referral to complete a purchase (Devices/Free Inactive H2O SIM and a H2O monthly plan) using the referral code that you send him/her by email or Social Media in order for you to earn H2O Reward points. The points will appear in your account after your friend places his/her first order and activates (get a new number) or port in the services. Please note that your friend must activate/port in online and has to go back to www.h2owirelessnow.com to activate their service or check the status of their port in.

    You can refer up to 10 people per month, which is a total of 120 referrals per year.

    Participation in the H2O Wireless Refer a Friend Program (“RAF Program”) and the rewards of the RAF Program are offered at the sole discretion of H2O Wireless (“H2O”). Participation in the RAF Program is subject to the present and future H2O Wireless Refer a Friend Program Terms and Conditions (“RAF Program Terms and Conditions”). H2O reserves the right to modify, terminate or suspend the RAF Program at any time without notice and without further obligation to participants. This RAF Program is a limited time offer and is void to the extent where prohibited by law. State fees and taxes may apply where required by law. For full terms and conditions, please click here.
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